Conditions of education

For classes, the Center has rooms with a total area of ​​325 square meters, i.e. 2 classrooms and 2 educational laboratories, a methodical room with a library, an office for teachers and industrial education masters, a room for meals.

Classrooms and classrooms are equipped with necessary furniture, visual aids. The center has the following teaching aids: computers – 2, a laptop, a multimedia projector, a video recorder, a copier (MFP), a TV.

The center has a special car (teaching and methodical) for the delivery of teachers to the place of training.

For the training of tractor drivers, drivers, driving skills and examinations for category “A”, there is a tractor MTZ-80 and a tractor trailer 2PTS-4.

For training in driving skills of tractor drivers and drivers of category “C” and retraining of categories “B, D, F”, the Center rents the necessary equipment from the enterprises of the district.

To conduct the educational process, the Center has the necessary plans, programs and instructions, educational and methodical documentation, examination tickets and cards in accordance with the requirements of the Education Code of the Republic of Belarus.

The teaching work is carried out by the director, deputy director, teacher, senior master, industrial training master, methodologist, and hired hourly freelance teachers. Production specialists are involved in conducting training courses.

For training students during practical training, qualified employees of enterprises and organizations of the district are involved as industrial training instructors.

Theoretical training and laboratory and practical classes are held in the classrooms of the Center. Practical field classes, industrial training and industrial practice are conducted at enterprises and organizations, on the terms of contractual obligations.

Working with agricultural enterprises and industrial organizations for training, retraining and advanced training in various working professions organizes on-the-job training, which is economically beneficial not only to the enterprise itself, but also to employees, if we consider that their average age is 30-50 years .

Classes are held as an individual (links), and groups in the evening and without interruption from work.