Sign up for training

documents provided by citizens to the training center
(Resolution of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus No. 198 dated July 28, 2011)

The statement of the person or direction of the organization.The application is completed on the form in the Training Center.
Medical Commission.Valid for 6 months, taken from the place of work (for raising qualifications) or from the clinic (form 1zdr / y-10) for all others.
Document certifying
Passport, residence permit.
The document on training.Certificate of assignment of discharge, a diploma confirming the receipt of the working profession or assignment of qualifications.
The document confirming 1 year experience
Only for tractor drivers (employment record, technical passport to the tractor or power of attorney to the tractor).
Photocopy of labor
Each page is certified with a seal and signature in the personnel department, on the last page an entry “continues to work” is made, for the unemployed it is the original work record.
Letter of guarantee.For the passage of industrial training and practice. To do practical work at OJSC Belkali, a letter of guarantee is agreed with the head of the training department.
1 photo 3x4.Trained in the profession of "tractor driver, slinger, driver (boilerman) boiler room."
Pay for tuition.After drawing up the agreement on training. (Advanced training - 100% prepayment, for training and retraining at least 30% of the total cost).