The workers training center was founded in 1987 on the basis of the Soligorsk district agricultural machinery equipment in the settlement of Krasnaya Sloboda, on an inter-farm basis, for training agricultural workers. He headed N.S. Subotin.

In 1990, a workers training center from the settlement of Krasnaya Sloboda moved to Starobin headed the head became Denisov V.M.

In 1996, the workers training center from the settlement of Starobin moved to the village of Kulaki, ul. Central, where it is located to this day.

From 2004 to 2016 he was the director Delendik G.N.

Since 2016 he has been appointed director Kolodko E.V. and is the leader to this day.

Our institution, as a dynamic and mobile structure, is constantly expanding the range and scope of educational services.